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About :: The Wandering Honk

Celebrate impermanence! The Wandering Honk brings overlapping takes from the emergent world perspective.

This could be the world outside your window, someone you know but don't know really, conscious reflections inside a room, what happens when stuff arrives from faraway, or just anything that brings intimacy out of the vacuum — likewise, it's the best in the loop, similar or divergent experiences you already know, or a desire you never heard about.

The Wandering Honk covers the gap between here and there, digs beyond the medium, explores emergent possibilities in art & technology. You might expect a conversation between posts, or find alt-takes and contrasts to mainstream assumptions and certainties.

Believe in emerging world consciousness! The Wandering Honk rejects the dominant exploitative and extractive mindsets. In focusing on modalities of listening, and non-hierarchical insight, all edges point toward a converging total circumference — at least, that is in our current first thesis.

This is world culture not globalization, paradox not conflict, conscious culture not commodity culture.

About :: ScripterNet

Founded in 1999 to publicize a literary gathering at Hunters Point Naval Shipyards in San Francisco, ScripterNet has proceeded in unexpected evolutions from a books promotion site to a consultancy to a project space to an arts portal — coming soon, a repository of locative works shared in novel formats.

ScripterNet has kept pace with developments whilst ze humans move through their lives as novelist, poet, digital architect, technical producer, coder, teacher, and collector of cultural curiosities. All along ScripterNet has kept an eye on community in hopes of leaving the world a better place, with more beauty and intimacy for all sentient beings.