Where You Are ::A Geo-Conscious Anthology on Geodes

A Call For Submissions

We are seeking submissions for a geo-conscious miscellany titled Where You Are, to be released in digital form in the Spring of 2024. This is not a traditional anthology; it is a geode, part of an ongoing creative and technical project, Geodes.io, and has received funding from NYFA and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

Where You Are invites writers, artists, musicians, and other creatives to explore what is means to be geo-conscious and make their mark by literally putting their creative work on the map. We believe creative work and physical space are connected, even subtly or paradoxically, as in dislocations. How does place bring you to or separate you from yourself? How can you creatively explore the immediacy and vital influences in your environment? How can you share with others where you are in a way that promotes connection? How do your communities center on or divide around place?

Your contribution can take the form of poems, prose (fiction, flash, or non-fiction to 3000 words), art works, photography, audio (songs, spoken word, read texts to 5 mins), video presentations (hosted on a sharing platform like Vimeo or YouTube), or a multimedia combination of image, audio and text. We are interested in work that reveals the depth, breadth, and diversity of the entire map — it will all be geo-tagged in Geodes.io and mapped relative to the audience, reader or observer.


Submissions will be open until Dec 1st, 2023 at 23:59 (EST), or until we receive 300 submissions, whichever comes first.

Your submission may consist of up to three pieces in any combination of the formats above.

Previously published works are not acceptable. By submitting to Where You Are you certify that you are the copyright holder of the works, and agree to having them included in the anthology in an electronic form with world-wide distribution on an ongoing basis. Your work may be shared publicly on electronic media and freely enjoyed anywhere across the internet. (Please note that your content will not be provided to spiders, search engines, content trackers or scrapers such as used to “educate” AI-related technologies — we are not in favor of that kind of sharing at all, and actively resist it.)

International entries are encouraged, including in other languages — any texts, including captions and project descriptions, that are not in English should also be accompanied by an English translation of the original in the submission email, to be offered as an alternate view on the site. [1]

Please include a short bio and, optionally, a cover letter with your submission. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out in early 2024.

To be included your work must be logged on Geodes, a free web app using locative technology that pairs media and maps, capturing creative moments when are where they occur.

Once you have uploaded your entry, or entries, on Geodes, email the share link to whereyouare [AT] geodes.io. There is no fee to submit.

If you are not on Geodes you may register while the portal is open from Oct 6, 2023 until submissions close on or before December 1st,2023. Register here.

About Geodes

Geodes.io is a locative media platform designed by poet, novelist and coder David R. Lincoln, using knowledge gleaned while working in media and publishing. Geodes works with any internet connection and a smart phone, tablet or computer; just browse to the site and log in. Your work will be located where you enter it, thereby placing your poem, song, composition, or other creative project directly on the map, to also be featured in Where You Are.

All content added on the Geodes site, regardless of being submitted to the anthology or not, is always the property of the creator, and may be kept private or shared in public, per your choice.


For those who prefer some technical orientation before they play around on Geodes, we have scheduled a few ways to get you started with the platform.

  • Oct 7 - in person at the Queens Public Library, Long Island City, 2-4 pm (Queens Public Library in Gantry Plaza State Park, 47-40 Center Blvd, Queens, NY 11109 - see map) — Sara and David will present Geodes together and field questions, followed by a prompt and creative sessions in the area. A social hour will follow at Skinny's Cantina at the bar.
  • Oct 7 - by Zoom 2-4 pm (EST) — Zoom remotely during the library session, or participate in the creative prompt, and have your questions answered by the Geodes experts. (see Zoom invite)

  • Other sessions may be added as needed.

    About the Editors

    David R. Lincoln
    Novelist, poet and coder.
    Sara Wallace
    Poet and Professor at New York University.

    [1] Sorry, but we are currently not able to support right-to-left languages, like Arabic or Hebrew; we hope to make those available next year.

    [2] Icons courtesy of Steampunk icons created by Smashicons - Flaticon

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