::A workshop in locative media.
Join us for a workshop in locative media — and get started with the web app
July 1, 2023 , 2 – 4 pm.
Queens Public Library, Hunters Point
Gantry Plaza State Park
Long Island City.
Hunter's Point Library in Long Island City, Queens is made for creatives to pin inspirations and artwork in a shareable format where & when the moments occur. It's also a content management platform (CMP) for building psychogeographies and collections for personal or public valorization, in real time and in place.

Geodes is an easy to use web app and free for all workshop participants. There's nothing to install, so you only close your browser when you are done. These deposits double as archives that can last for a lifetime.

Organizers — We are poets, writers, and concerned artists who have decided to adopt a posture of preserving personal contexts in which we work and live. In this time of accelerating change, and at times bewildering futures, a safe harbor to place and preserve artifacts becomes essential in the struggle to remember who we are. Too many commercial interests already exploit and compromise the persistence of individual memory, and co-opt the precious objects with which we define our consciousness and our lives. Preserve your context!

We have been using Geodes for over 10 years. In that time, it has grown from a small personal experiment into a true web platform that allows for rich media content in text, image, audio, iframe-enabled formats, and more. Our wish is to future-proof the technology, and eventually leverage the Geodes model to include other locative experiences, such as Augmented (XR) formats, and scripted animations.

Contextualize your work for others, keep it to yourself or share liberally with whomever you like. Geodes will link through social media or other digital channels, intimately with just one or two people, or not at all. gives total control over visibility as you archive your private or shareable moments, and creates a psycho-geography (locative archive) of items tagged anywhere on the planet, in any written language.[2]

We are being sponsored by NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts) and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA). This is a workshop for all creatives 14+, with a follow-up session in September.

Who we are
David R. Lincoln
Novelist, poet and coder.
Sara Wallace
Poet and teacher.

[1] Martin Rieser, Locative Media and Spatial Narratives, 2009.

[2] Right-to-left languages are currently not supported; we hope to make those available soon.

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